Femmi empowers women to move sustainably.

Here to change sport. Period.

Femmi founders Lydia and Esther grew up as elite female athletes. We faced pressure to train in a way that was right for men, but not for us. We didn't know how our female physiology worked. We were told to train more, eat less and lose weight. Ultimately, our health and performance suffered. We lost our menstrual cycles, and we nearly lost running.

It's time that women learn more about their bodies and how to move in a way that gives them confidence. We've brought together a team of women's health experts and running coaches with a proven track record and a strong vision.

Femmi founders

Lydia O'Donnell

Lydia is the Co-Founder and CEO at Femmi. An accomplished athlete and running coach, Lydia has been working directly with athletes for over 5 years. She has also held the Nike Head Running Coach position for the Pacific region for the last 6 years.

Lydia is passionate about building supportive, inclusive communities centred around running and movement. She will stop at nothing to help women feel proud and accepting of their bodies.

Femmi co-founder Lydia sitting on concrete stairs
Femmi co-founder Esther running through a city

Esther Keown

Esther is the Co-Founder and product lead at Femmi. Having competed on the world stage as a teenager, Esther remains a passionate and talented runner. She is a qualified and highly sought after personal trainer and run coach.

Esther is dedicated to bringing high quality, industry-leading personalized run programs to women. She wants all women to understand their bodies better and to build confidence through movement.

Our expert team

Dr Izzy Smith smiling at camera

Dr. Izzy Smith

Endocrinologist + Medical Expert


Dr Izzy is our Endocrinologist. She is passionate about creating accessible health resources and is one of the incredible brains behind Femmi Theory. She spends her day doing clinic work, making time for her own running outside of work. Izzy currently lives in Sydney.

Dietitian smiling at camera

Sara Widdowson



Sara is our resident Dietitian and Women's Health Expert. She believes in empowering women to learn about their bodies, their hormones and their fertility – through dietetics. She has a Bachelor of Science, Masters Degree and a bucket load of drive to help women apply essential nutrition and lifestyle strategies.

Physiotherapist smiling at camera

Grace Coombs

Coach + Physiotherapist


Grace is a physiotherapist and Femmi run coach who specialises in Women's Health, pelvic floor physiotherapy and sports medicine. Her practice is invested in supporting running athletes and injury prevention. Her work contributed to the development of Femmi Theory.

Runner on the beach

Lilli Burdon

Coach + 
Provisional Psychologist


Lilli is a passionate all-rounder. She is a run coach, Provisional Psychologist and pilates instructor. Lilli is an esteemed runner at the 1500M, 3KM and 5KM distances. She has spent time training in the US where she became a NCAA Indoor Champion.

Dr of physiology smiling at camera

Dr. Claire Badenhorst

PHD Sport + Exercise Physiology


Claire is a researcher and educator, specialising in nutrition for female athletes and the health implications of hormonal imbalances. Claire's work covers iron and nutrient deficiencies and Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S). Beyond her research, Claire is an endurance runner and triathlete.

Athlete in Femmi top smiling

Becky Greene

Coach + Athlete


Becky is an experienced women's running coach, an established middle distance runner (1500m) an a 2x National Champion. Becky focuses on sharing her love for the sport and helping women grow into the best version of themselves.

Athlete running through a city

Dora Atim

Coach + Athlete


London-based Nike running coach, founder of Ultra Black Running, community leader and mentor, Dora is an incredible trail runner and coach. Dora is committed to creating spaces for and inspiring black women and non-binary people to get out and move their bodies.

Track athlete on race start line

Laura Nagel

Coach + Athlete


Having grown up in Hawke's Bay, New Zealand, Laura ventured to the US to compete in the NCAA system early in her running career. She has raced cross country, indoor and outdoor track and road races. She is a 5x National Champion and now resides in Auckland, coaching athletes and competing in middle-distance races.

Athlete in a gym smiling at camera

Bex Attwell

Personal Trainer


Bex thrives on helping women grow confidence in themselves and break through mental and physical barriers. Bex is a qualified Personal Trainer, with a love of lifting weights and building strength. Bex has a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and is currently studying her Master in Sports Science at UC.

Athlete smiling at camera

Aynslee Minnaar

Coach + Athlete


Our resident South African Femmi coach, Aynslee started her running career as a junior and made her first senior national team in 2019. Aynslee credits her longevity as a runner to her influential and empowering coaches. She aims to emulate this in her own coaching style. She races varied distances including 1 Mile, 3KM, 5KM and 10KM.

Athlete smiling at camera

Paige Gilchrist

Coach + Athlete


Paige was born and raised in Montana, USA and had an early career as a high school and collegiate athlete. She has pursued her career in Health Sciences and having a deep knowledge of human physiology and fitness. As a 5KM focused runner, she focuses her coaching on communication and flexbility.

Athlete smiling at camera

Amy O'Halloran

Coach + Athlete


Amy is an experienced runner and coach, with an in-depth knowledge of track athletics, cross-country, park runs, 10KM, half marathon and marathon. She cares about helping women build their confidence – for whatever they are training for. As a busy mum, Amy provides insight on how to juggle being a parent with pursuits in athletics. Her debut marathon (2022) was 2:53.

Athlete in nature smiling at camera

Meriem Daoui

Coach + Athlete


Meriem is a Tasmanian marathon runner and registered nurse. Debuting her first marathon at 16 whilst raising money for the Syrian civil war aid – Meriem is a compassionate and dedicated athlete. Throughout her career, Meriem has connected with running as an outlet for mental, physical and spiritual health. She applies her holistic worldview, resilience and lived experience with chronic health conditions to support and uplift her athletes.

Athlete smiling at camera

Rachel Bierley

Coach + Athlete


For Rach, running is a way to switch-off, be present in nature and connect with runners, side by side. Originally from the UK, now based in the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Rach has been a pacer for Nike Run Club and spent 10 years working in sports marketing. Rach leads the Femmi Run Community in Sydney (Manly.)

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