guidance for women who run.

Femmi is the app for women* who run. Dynamic to your menstrual cycle and driven by your running focus.

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Receive personalized running guidance

Whether you want to increase your speed, reach a new milestone or simply fall in love with running — our training is built for you, your ability and your female physiology.

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Train in line with your menstrual cycle

Your hormones and energy change during your cycle, so your running schedule should, too. Track your cycle in Femmi to receive truly personalized training.

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Join a movement of empowered women*

Join the growing community of runners who are feeling empowered in their bodies. Together, we are learning to move in our own way — a way made for us.

Make moves with your menstrual cycle

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Femmi Co-founders Esther and Lydia smiling at camera

We are here to challenge the outdated idea that periods limit performance.

Femmi was founded by Esther Keown and Lydia O’Donnell, two elite female runners, coaches and powerhouses in making change for women in sport.

By building an app specifically for women who run, Lydia and Esther aren’t just shaking things up, they are redefining how women get in sync with their cycle and unlock their potential – whatever that looks like for them.

Run communities across new zealand and australia

Join your local Femmi Run Community in Australia or New Zealand. Find your crew and pick your distance from 3KM to 6KM. Our run communities put people first and pace second. You will never run alone with Femmi.

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Listen to the Femmi Pod for conversations with athletes, coaches, doctors, dietitians and more. Meet your hosts and founders, Esther Keown and Lydia O’Donnell. Both established coaches, Esther and Lydia are committed to having conversations around physiology, psychology and power for women* athletes.

Join us for weekly chats with inspirational and influential voices in this space.

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