Queenstown Marathon 2024 Training Plans

Are you ready to race the iconic Queenstown Marathon on November 16th, 2024? Whether you're tackling the marathon, half-marathon, or 10km, our Race Focus plans are meticulously designed for the Queenstown course. Femmi is the ultimate women's training tool for an epic journey to the finish line.

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Train smart, run strong. Pick your Queenstown Race Focus

Race Focus plans will be available in the app once training for each race begins. Select your distance below to be notified as soon as your race plan goes live.

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We'll guide you to confidently cross the finish line of the 10km distance.

10 weeks
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Half marathon - 21.1km

Train for your next half marathon with a plan that is truly made for you.

12 weeks
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Marathon - 42.2km

Turn your running dreams into marathon reality with our personalized guidance.

16 weeks

Follow a plan tailored for the Queenstown Marathon

Not all courses are the same. Femmi’s Race Focuses are crafted specifically for Queenstown, providing you with essential insights into the elevation, terrain, and course nuances. Train with Femmi and step onto the starting line with unmatched confidence.

Get trusted training, from expert coaches

Get weekly guidance from our leading coaches and gain exclusive access to online sessions. Master training strength strategies and personalized fuelling plans, all tailored to Queenstown’s unique course. We’ll ensure you’re fully prepared, down to the last detail.

Know your body, achieve your goals

Your body is unique, and Femmi’s women’s running app helps you understand and optimize it. Our training adapts to your menstrual cycle, fitness level, goals, and weekly schedule, delivering a whole new level of personalization.

Strong alone, stronger together

Training for a race is a big commitment, but you don't have to do it alone. With Femmi, you’ll be connected with other women training for the Queenstown Marathon to find support, advice, and inspiration.

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Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all training plans. Get a personalized plan tailored to the course.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I get access to Femmi’s Queenstown Marathon Race Focus plans?
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How long are Femmi’s race plans?
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How much does the Queenstown Race Focus plan cost?
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Why does Femmi ask about my menstrual cycle?
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I want to use Femmi, but I don’t have a menstrual cycle
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"Femmi has had a life-changing impact on my relationship with my body, my female physiology and my confidence ✨ and I know everyone who is part of the Femmi community feels the same 🖤"
10KM runner
"I’m 30 and it is only now that I have started to be educated on what my menstrual cycle actually means and how I use it as my power being a woman! Because of Femmi. This has applied not only to my training but in all aspects of my life."
Half-marathoner, ultra-marathoner
"Femmi has changed my life, it’s entire ethos and what they have produced is something I wish I had decades ago. I have run personal best times in my Half Marathon, 10km, 5km, 3km and even the mile. Their education, their app, their support, their coaching. Everything."
5KM, 10KM and half-marathoner

Your Queenstown training deserves expert guidance. Trust in a plan that's built by champions and customized for you.

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